Pa. Adopts Rule Banning Attorney-Expert Discovery

Over the objection of one of its members, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court made official through a rule change what a divided court was forced to do when it couldn't reach a majority decision on the discoverability of attorney-expert communications: It made the communications off-limits in discovery.

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  • Family Law Supplement

    Discovery and experts following Barrick; the impact of sperm donorship on parental obligations; post retirement benefits in matrimonial litigation and more are explored in the Family Law Supplement.

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    Articles concerning at-will employment; fee litigation; sex discrimination; OSHA enforcement; increased NLRB scrutiny; and the Healthy Workforce Bill can be found in our Labor and Employment Supplement.

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  • Push From Community Helps Reverse Proposal to Cut Judges

    By Max Mitchell

    Educating state senators about the possible impact of slashing state judgeships was a key factor in persuading legislators to reject making the cuts, lawyers and state Senate officials said.

  • Oil and Gas Rights Included in 'Surface Soil' Deed

    By Max Mitchell

    A deed that conveyed "surface" and "surface soil" and explicitly reserved the rights to any coal found on the property still conveyed the subsurface oil and gas rights to the deed holder, the state Superior Court has ruled.

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