Litigation Increasing Along With Need for Price Certainty

Corporations are showing an increased willingness to enter into or fight litigation than they were a few years ago, but only if their law firms can be very specific when it comes to the cost, Pennsylvania litigators have said.

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    The future of Philadelphia's oil industry; managing an environmental enforcement investigation; the next decade of PA shale development; the benefits of going green with alternative energy; and more can be found in our Energy and Environmental Law Supplement.

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  • Deep Pockets Gone With Joint and Several Liability Repeal

    By Max Mitchell

    Attorney John W. Zotter of Zimmer Kunz in Pittsburgh represented two trucking companies that were involved in separate multivehicle accidents in the summer of 2011.

  • Ex-Solicitor Must Repay Arbitrator Fee to County

    By Max Mitchell

    Money a county paid its solicitor for acting as interest arbitrator in a labor dispute will have to be repaid to the county, despite a resolution the county adopted agreeing to pay the attorney for the work, the Commonwealth Court has ruled.

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