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Tony Volpe, IP litigator and co-founder of Volpe and Koenig.

Doing Business in the New First-To-File Patent Environment

Anthony S. Volpe | January 4, 2017

Many small business entities find that they occasionally have a new product or process for which they wish to seek patent protection. Some of those small businesses may have had some prior experience with the patent ­process. Unfortunately, many of the prior patent laws changed with the advent of the America Invents Act (AIA). The AIA made fundamental changes in the consequences associated with a business engaging in market activities prior to the filing of a patent application and many commercial entities that occasionally pursue patent protection have not made the necessary adjustments in their internal procedures.

Young Lawyer

  • How Personality Assessments Can Help Your Career

    By Dena Lefkowitz

    I have often said that I didn't begin to know myself until I was in my 30s and by then was already a litigator. An unhappy one. I chose to hang on and gut it out, confident that I could overcome my ­distaste for battle and learn to love litigation.

  • New Year Resolution: Be Proactive in Your Choices

    By Dena Lefkowitz

    I am not a big fan of New Year ­resolutions. Turning the calendar page from December to January does not make one eager or ready to change long-standing habits and disillusionment often follows. But there is a year-end tradition that is both reflective and proactive—taking inventory of your world with an eye toward what is working, what you want more of and less of in your life and letting go of any perceived or real failures once you have gathered whatever gems they have to offer in the way of opportunity and awareness.

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Business of Law

  • Don't Fear Failure: It's an Opportunity for Success

    By Frank Michael D'Amore

    This month's column arose out of two recent conversations that occurred only hours apart. The first was a discussion with a trial ­lawyer who had just suffered a major defeat. A jury returned a huge verdict against his client and it was a tough blow, as it was a long and hotly contested case.

  • 6 Biggest Career Mistakes Made by Lawyers: Part One

    By Frank Michael D'Amore

    Thirty-two years in the legal ­profession, the last 15 of which have been as a recruiter and consultant, has provided a unique perspective on the career paths of lawyers. I have witnessed some, who I would have bet would become wildly successful, fall far below ­expectations. Others, who, early in their careers, were not superstars, ultimately rose to extraordinarily high levels, much to the surprise of many who started with them.

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  • Eligibility of Beneficiaries of Third-Party Trusts for Public Benefits

    By Bradley J. Kitlowski

    The cost of medical care for an individual that is mentally or physically disabled is expensive. Disabled individuals often turn to public benefits (government programs) to fund the costs of their health care, but such benefits are only available to those who are financially needy.

  • Drone Obsession Brings Out Manufacturers' Worst Fears

    By Nathan R. Bohlander

    There is arguably no bigger stage in America than that of the Super Bowl halftime show. More than 117 million people watched as Lady Gaga appeared to jump from the roof of NRG Stadium and down to the sea of adoring fans below. But before showing off her acrobatic abilities, she offered a subdued rendition of "God Bless America" in front of a series of red, white and blue lights seemingly suspended in mid-air. The audience was completely unaware that this light show, which first formed a series of stars and then a ­fluttering American flag, were actually a swarm of 300 drones flying in perfect formation, all controlled by a single computer.

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