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A Marketing Consultant's Argument for the End of 'Dress Casual'

Stacy West Clark | July 22, 2014

My job as a law firm marketing consultant is to always give lawyers the best advice to help them get more business. I am going to give you my very best advice today that could make all the difference in your practice. It will be very short and sweet and I am sorry, but you may not like it.

In-House Counsel

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Young Lawyer

  • Referral Fees: Managing the Risks of 'Easy Money'

    By The YL Editorial Board

    "Hey, you're a lawyer. May I ask you a question?"

  • Take Ownership of Assignments to Have Independent Value

    By Christopher M. Varano

    By now the fireworks have fallen after what was hopefully a very fun and relaxing July 4 celebration. As you look back on the long weekend, reflect on how much time you actually spent considering the significance of the holiday. As someone who lives and works in America's birthplace, it is practically unavoidable for me to contemplate the importance of America's birthday each year. However, this year I wanted to actually apply the lessons from Independence Day to my career.

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Employment Law

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Business of Law

  • Five Key Factors to Success in Cross-Selling Efforts

    By Frank Michael D'Amore

    Although some firms do quite well at cross-selling, it has become a Holy Grail for many others. In light of the difficulty of landing new clients, firms understandably see value in marketing additional services to existing customers. There should be lower hurdles to surmount with such clients, as they hopefully respect the firm, which makes the sales effort much easier.

  • Would You Be an Organization's First-Round Draft Pick?

    By Frank Michael D'Amore

    The National Football League's lengthy draft of entry players recently concluded. Watching a portion of it led me to wonder just how things might play out if law firms or other organizations that hire aspiring lawyers operated under a similar system. Just imagine, for a second, the president of the American Bar Association striding to a podium and declaring: "With the 14th selection in the third round, DLA Piper selects Courtney Johnson of Harvard Law School. Kirkland & Ellis is on the clock."

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  • Third Circuit Rules Debtor Need Not Validate Debt Pre-Suit

    By Peter J. Kreher and Frank P. Trapani

    In a recent decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit addressed an important issue regarding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). In McLaughlin v. Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg, -- F.3d --, (June 26, 2014), the court addressed whether a consumer must first seek "validation" of a debt under the FDCPA as a prerequisite to filing a lawsuit. This article reviews the FDCPA and the court's decision, which held that debtors may now sue under the FDCPA without first attempting to have a debt collector validate a disputed debt, and discusses the implications of the court's decision.

  • Should Arbitration Agreements Fix the Time for the Award?

    By Abraham J. Gafni

    A desire for the speedy resolution of a dispute often impels parties to opt for arbitration instead of court trial. This expectation is based upon the likelihood of an earlier hearing date, proceedings involving less restrictive rules of evidence and procedure, and finality of an award that is typically non-appealable.

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