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Craig R. Tractenberg of Fox Rothschild

Should Joint Employment and Wage and Hour Disputes Be Arbitrated?

Craig R. Tractenberg | March 28, 2017

In Geselle v. Jack in the Box, 3:14-CV-1092-BR (D. Or. Dec. 13, 2016), the district court had just reviewed the joint pretrial order in this 6-year-old case, and was entertaining certain issues for summary judgment. In 2016, the parties cross-moved for partial summary judgment and the court was called upon to resolve tricky issues regarding arbitration in wage and hour disputes and joint employment generally.

Young Lawyer

  • How Personality Assessments Can Help Your Career

    By Dena Lefkowitz

    I have often said that I didn't begin to know myself until I was in my 30s and by then was already a litigator. An unhappy one. I chose to hang on and gut it out, confident that I could overcome my ­distaste for battle and learn to love litigation.

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Business of Law

  • Don't Fear Failure: It's an Opportunity for Success

    By Frank Michael D'Amore

    This month's column arose out of two recent conversations that occurred only hours apart. The first was a discussion with a trial ­lawyer who had just suffered a major defeat. A jury returned a huge verdict against his client and it was a tough blow, as it was a long and hotly contested case.

  • 6 Biggest Career Mistakes Made by Lawyers: Part One

    By Frank Michael D'Amore

    Thirty-two years in the legal ­profession, the last 15 of which have been as a recruiter and consultant, has provided a unique perspective on the career paths of lawyers. I have witnessed some, who I would have bet would become wildly successful, fall far below ­expectations. Others, who, early in their careers, were not superstars, ultimately rose to extraordinarily high levels, much to the surprise of many who started with them.

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  • Avoiding Delay in Bifurcated Arbitration

    By Abraham J. Gafni

    Bifurcation of a trial may be ordered by a court or requested by the ­litigating parties. Often, the first of the two hearings will address liability and the second, damages.

  • Mass Tort v. Individual Injury Cases: A Learning Experience

    By Emily B. Ashe

    Having started my career working primarily on mass torts, dipping my toes into the world of individual injury cases (a one-off case as I like to call it) has been quite the learning experience. Ironically, a couple of years ago, in 2015, I wrote an article regarding the special attention needed to effectively represent mass tort clients. Little did I know that I would soon learn the intricacies of an individual case and the different, yet equally demanding, attention required for this new (to me) type of case.

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