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A Look at the Evolving Legal Landscape of Fantasy Sports

David O. Klein and Neil E. Asnen | April 17, 2015

Fantasy sports once represented a seasonal hobby among friends and coworkers. However, it has now undeniably blossomed into a force in both the American culture and, more important, the U.S. economy. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, some 42 million Americans now play some form of fantasy sports contest. Moreover, additional estimates indicate that fantasy sports represented a $4 billion to $5 billion industry in 2014. The number of unique users that visited just the two leading daily fantasy sports websites, FanDuel and DraftKings, increased by over 800 percent on mobile devices, and nearly 500 percent on the Internet from 2013 to 2014, according to Nielsen's "The Year in Sports Media Report 2014."

In-House Counsel

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Young Lawyer

  • How Can You Stand Out From the Crowded Applicant Field?

    By Charles J. Dennen

    You have successfully survived your first year of law school. You've spent countless hours reading case law, researching and writing your first brief, typing and memorizing outlines, and furiously typing as you regurgitate as much information as you can muster on your final exams.

  • The Benefits of Staying Engaged With Your Law School

    By Geneva Campbell and Lynne Kolodinsky

    As law students, it rarely, if ever, crossed most of our minds that we would one day join the ranks of alumni. At points it was somewhat difficult to believe that law school would ever end, let alone that we would ever be in a position to reflect fondly on the experience and to support our schools. Nevertheless, as successful law students, we inevitably became alumni—and that transformation took place astonishingly quickly.

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Employment Law

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Business of Law

  • Questions and Answers Regarding Business Development

    By Frank Michael D'Amore

    I receive questions throughout the year and periodically answer them in this forum. Business development-related queries are quite popular; this month, the two most common submissions are addressed.

  • Eight Creative Ways for Law Firms to Get Client Feedback

    By Shilpa Malik

    In nearly every industry, customer feedback is an effective way to illustrate a company's ethos, bolster its track record, and offer prospective clients a glimpse of the organization as a whole. Law firms, in particular, rely heavily on this measure to entice new clients and broaden their social presence. Client feedback is also beneficial in identifying areas requiring attention. That is, where can your firm improve in its customer service and other service offerings? Take a moment to consider your firm's clientele.

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  • Keeping the Confidential Arbitration Proceeding Confidential

    By Charles F. Forer

    You want to find a well-drafted and carefully-thought-out arbitration agreement? Ask Bob to look into his form file. He will pull out just what you need. Over the years, he has refined and refined his forms—to correct errors he made in prior iterations—and he now has a form arbitration agreement that is the best for any type of dispute and for any type of issue. At least that is what Bob tells his colleagues.

  • FDA Poised to Enact Rule That Will Advance Consumer Safety

    By Tracy A. Finken

    On March 27, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration held a public meeting regarding its proposed generic-drug labeling rule. The rule proposed by the FDA in November 2013, titled "Supplemental Applications Proposing Labeling Changes for Approved Drugs and Biological Products," would allow a generic manufacturer to use the CBE-0 process to implement a safety-related labeling change for its drug unilaterally, prior to the FDA approving the label change.

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