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Legislation Would Hand Gaming Board Reins to Horse-Racing Industry

Steven J. Silver | April 15, 2014

More than three decades have passed since a thoroughbred named Affirmed captured the last Triple Crown in 1978. Nearly the same amount of time has gone by since Pennsylvania has made any significant changes to the 1981 Race Horse Industry Reform Act.

In-House Counsel

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Young Lawyer

  • Projecting Confidence Is Fundamental to Career Success

    By Christopher M. Varano

    At long last, spring has arrived. With Philadelphia's second-snowiest winter finally behind us, it is time to set our warm weather routines in motion. For those into golf, that means dusting off the spikes and hitting the links; others who are into gardening may be laying down mulch; and still others who are already looking ahead to summer may be prepping their shore houses and working on their beach figures.

  • Advice for Attorneys Starting Their First Real Law Firm Job

    By Daniel E. Dolente

    The February bar exam has recently concluded, and exam takers will soon find out their results. Those fortunate to have passed the exam will likely be pounding the pavement in search of employment.

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Ethics Forum

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Employment Law

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Business of Law

  • Ten Reasons to Just Say No to New Work: Part One

    By Frank Michael D'Amore

    The relentless pursuit of revenue in this era of decreased legal spending has created an environment in which it is anathema to turn away work. The battles to land new clients and matters are fierce and the consequences of losing are far more damaging than ever. Nevertheless, there are times when the smart play is to decline, no matter how alluring the likely fees are.

  • How Firms Can Differentiate Themselves in New World Order

    By Frank Michael D'Amore

    The great recession of 2008 was transformative. One change, which law firms still feel today, is that the balance of power swung to the side of in-house counsel. Pre-recession law firm growth rates, particularly as they relate to revenue and profits, seem like the "good ol' days" to many partners.

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