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Reflections From the Volga

Sandra Mazer Moss | October 21, 2016

At present, I am very jet lagged, having returned recently from a Russian riverboat cruise down the Volga River from Moscow to St. Petersburg. So as I slowly return to normal, I wanted to share some reflections with you who may or may not have reinvented yourselves into travelers.

Business of Law

  • 6 Biggest Career Mistakes Made by Lawyers: Part One

    By Frank Michael D'Amore

    Thirty-two years in the legal ­profession, the last 15 of which have been as a recruiter and consultant, has provided a unique perspective on the career paths of lawyers. I have witnessed some, who I would have bet would become wildly successful, fall far below ­expectations. Others, who, early in their careers, were not superstars, ultimately rose to extraordinarily high levels, much to the surprise of many who started with them.

  • 6 Biggest Career Mistakes Made by Lawyers (Part Two)

    By Frank Michael D'Amore

    This series examines the most ­common career missteps I have observed ­during my 30-plus year career as a law firm partner, general counsel, recruiter, and legal consultant. Last month, the first three such mistakes were discussed: 1) staying trapped in the wrong practice area; 2) not giving your firm or company a real chance, and 3) succumbing to inertia when action is needed.

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  • What Happens When the Arbitration Provider Makes a Mistake?

    By Charles F. Forer

    Arbitration gives the parties one bite at the apple. Sure, the governing arbitration statutes set forth several ways to attack a final arbitration award. For practical purposes, however, entry of a final arbitration award is the end of the road for virtually all litigants.

  • New Rule Affects Long-Term Care Centers With Medicare, Medicaid Funds

    By Tracy Finken

    On Sept. 28, the Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) issued a final rule reforming requirements for long-term care facilities. The final rule, published Oct. 4, states that long-term care facilities who receive federal funding are precluded from entering into mandatory pre-dispute resolution agreements with ­patients, such as arbitration clauses.

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