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PNC Loses Bid to Decertify Predatory Lending Class

P.J. D'Annunzio 
and Gina Passarella | July 30, 2015

The Third Circuit has rejected PNC Bank's bid to decertify a class of plaintiffs who alleged as far back as 2003 that a Virginia-based bank it later acquired had engaged in predatory lending practices.

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Pa. Law Weekly

  • Despite New Role, Saylor's Pen Keeps Flowing

    By Lizzy McLellan

    Nearly seven months into a calendar year when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is operating with two vacant seats, the justices appear to be issuing opinions at a reasonable pace, observers said, while the court's leader has taken an especially active role in writing.

  • Justices Affirm Rare Insurance Liquidation Denials

    By Max Mitchell

    The state Supreme Court has rejected efforts by the Pennsylvania Insurance commissioner to convert the rehabilitation of two insurance companies into liquidations.

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  • The Legal's Blog Items Are Being Relocated

  • Valuation in a Business Divorce

    By Terry Silver

    My advice to lawyers and CPAs is to prepare your clients for the prospect of a business divorce. A business relationship is no different than a marital one; people change, circumstances change, and people grow (and don't grow) in different directions. And by "preparing for a business divorce," I am referring to the need to create an operating agreement from the outset of a business relationship to address the following issues, if and when they arise.

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Phila.-Charleston Connections Stressed in Moving Speech on Diversity

The Legal Intelligencer
The connections between Philadelphia and Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., the site of a racially motivated shooting, were stressed by Joseph K. West, the CEO of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, during The Legal Intelligencer's Diversity Awards Dinner.
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