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Philadelphia Attorneys Balk at Post-Conviction Appointments

Max Mitchell | June 22, 2016

Philadelphia’s First Judicial District has started taking steps to alleviate its growing backlog of post-conviction appeal cases that was uncovered earlier this year, but the court’s methods have angered some attorneys and left many wondering if indigent defendants will receive adequate representation.

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  • Justices Take Up Court's Ability to 'Diagnose' Mental Illness

    By Max Mitchell

    Can a court determine that a woman who believes her own "unsubstantiated and wild claims" has an undiagnosed mental illness, despite an opinion from a court-appointed expert to the contrary?

  • Pa. Justices Deal Blow to NRA, Gun Groups

    By Ben Seal

    As calls for more restrictive gun regulations grow in fervor and frequency around the country, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has struck down an act that allowed organizations such as the National Rifle Association to challenge local gun-control laws in court.

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  • The Legal's Blog Items Are Being Relocated

  • Valuation in a Business Divorce

    By Terry Silver

    My advice to lawyers and CPAs is to prepare your clients for the prospect of a business divorce. A business relationship is no different than a marital one; people change, circumstances change, and people grow (and don't grow) in different directions. And by "preparing for a business divorce," I am referring to the need to create an operating agreement from the outset of a business relationship to address the following issues, if and when they arise.

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Video: Law Firm Forecast Presentation

The Legal Intelligencer
Hank Grezlak, editor-in-chief of The Legal Intelligencer, discusses the economic outlook for 2016 before the Legal Marketing Association, Metropolitan Philadelphia Chapter.
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