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Congressman Chaka Fattah, D-Pennsylvania, listens to testimony from Attorney General Eric Holder during the Department of Justice Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Overview Hearing before the House Appropriations Committee on March 16, 2010.

Email, Good Deed Evidence Latest Focus in Fattah Case

P.J. D'Annunzio | September 3, 2015

Evidence issues took center stage in the corruption case against U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah, D-Pennsylvania, on Wednesday as two court filings were docketed: an appeals court decision on a search warrant for Fattah's emails and a prosecution motion to keep out anecdotes of good deeds performed by the congressman.

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  • 'Model Response' in Chester Co. Highlights Court Security

    By Lizzy McLellan and Ben Seal

    The fatal shooting of a knife-wielding attacker in the Chester County courthouse last week highlighted the security threats judicial establishments face, but it also demonstrated the preparations Pennsylvania's courts have made to minimize the impact of those threats.

  • Districts Must Provide Buses for Split-Custody Children

    By Max Mitchell

    Pennsylvania school districts are required to provide free transportation to students whose parents live at two different residences within the same district, the state Supreme Court has ruled.

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  • The Legal's Blog Items Are Being Relocated

  • Valuation in a Business Divorce

    By Terry Silver

    My advice to lawyers and CPAs is to prepare your clients for the prospect of a business divorce. A business relationship is no different than a marital one; people change, circumstances change, and people grow (and don't grow) in different directions. And by "preparing for a business divorce," I am referring to the need to create an operating agreement from the outset of a business relationship to address the following issues, if and when they arise.

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Phila.-Charleston Connections Stressed in Moving Speech on Diversity

The Legal Intelligencer
The connections between Philadelphia and Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., the site of a racially motivated shooting, were stressed by Joseph K. West, the CEO of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, during The Legal Intelligencer's Diversity Awards Dinner.
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