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Pfizer Wins Right to See Expert Report in Similar Birth-Defect Case

Saranac Hale Spencer | May 19, 2015

Lawyers bringing the case alleging that Zoloft caused birth defects in babies born to women who took the antidepressant have to turn over the report that their expert produced in similar litigation over Prozac, the federal judge handling the case has ruled.

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  • Unions, Lawyers Among Top Spenders in Big-Money Primary

    By Lizzy McLellan and Max Mitchell

    In what is shaping up to be the most expensive Pennsylvania Supreme Court race in history, the largest donations have come from lawyers, unions and lawyer-funded political action committees.

  • Court Backs Denial of Coverage in Fatal Dirt Bike Crash

    By Lizzy McLellan

    A homeowner's insurance carrier was within its rights to deny coverage to a man who provided the use of a dirt bike—and, allegedly, alcohol—to a 19-year-old who was fatally injured when he crashed the vehicle, the Superior Court has ruled.

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  • The Legal's Blog Items Are Being Relocated

  • Valuation in a Business Divorce

    By Terry Silver

    My advice to lawyers and CPAs is to prepare your clients for the prospect of a business divorce. A business relationship is no different than a marital one; people change, circumstances change, and people grow (and don't grow) in different directions. And by "preparing for a business divorce," I am referring to the need to create an operating agreement from the outset of a business relationship to address the following issues, if and when they arise.

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Former Pa. Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille - Attorney of the Year

The Legal Intelligencer
Former Pennsylvania Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille was named Attorney of the Year for his work on the Supreme Court during The Legal Intelligencer's annual Professional Excellence Awards dinner. This video examines Castille's career.
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