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Pa. Supreme Court Upholds Governmental Damages Cap

P.J. D'Annunzio | November 21, 2014

The state Supreme Court has denied a student, whose leg was amputated after being run over by a school bus, the ability to bypass the $500,000 statutory damages cap and collect the full $14 million verdict for her injuries.

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  • Six-Justice Court to Eye Informed Consent, House Arrest

    By Lizzy McLellan

    A Pennsylvania Supreme Court composed of just six justices is expected to hear arguments on a variety of issues this week in Harrisburg, including the use of informed consent evidence in a medical malpractice case, the definition of incarceration in relation to unemployment benefits and whether an administrative official with the Catholic Church can be convicted of endangering the welfare of children abused by other priests.

  • Justices to Eye Phila. Asbestos Consolidation Procedure

    By Lizzy McLellan

    When the state Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in Rost v. Ford, it gave itself the opportunity to consider a unique rule that requires the consolidation of asbestos-related cases in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

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  • Making a Safe Bet When Playing Poker in Pa.

    By James W. Cushing

    Many people play poker for fun with friends or competitively, but if one wishes to organize a league, tournament or a game that is more than simply a few hands of cards among friends, one must ensure he does not run afoul of the law. If one is interested in organizing a formal poker game, be sure to consider the below when doing so.

  • Judge Denies Pepper Hamilton's Bid to Preclude Freeh Documents

    By Max Mitchell

    A Potter County judge has denied Pepper Hamilton's motion to preclude documents related to the creation of the Freeh report from the suit between the family of Joe Paterno and the NCAA.

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Who Owns Digital Assets When You Die?

The Legal Intelligencer
Delaware Law Weekly reporter Jeff Mordock was recently a guest of Larry Mendte on The Delaware Way program, where he discussed Delaware's new digital asset law and proposals for similar laws in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
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