Top 50 Verdicts and Settlements

The Legal Intelligencer

Editors' Note: This list includes the top 50 verdicts and settlements as reported in The Legal Intelligencer and Pennsylvania Law Weekly, with assistance from, for 2008. We apologize in advance for any omissions. In some instances, certain pieces of information were not available at press time. In others, certain information had to be left out in order to fit all 50 cases.

1 In re OSB Antitrust Litigation $120.73 million (settlement) Antitrust James C. Grant of Alston & Bird;  U.S. District Court, Jeffrey J. Corrigan and Jeffrey L. Kodroff E.D. Pa. of Spector Roseman Kodroff & Willis; et al. 10/2/08

2 Gustafsson v. Trigen-Philadelphia Energy Corp. $85 million (verdict) Construction Liability Matthew A. Casey, Thomas N. Sweeney and C.P. Philadelphia Joshua Van Naarden of Ross Feller Casey; Robert Devine and Michael Horner of White & Williams. 2/25/08

3 Harris v. Lehigh County Office of Children and Youth Services $28.75 million (verdict) Motor Vehicle Eric H. Weitz of Seidel Weitz Garfinkle Datz; U.S. District Court, Mark H. Scoblionko of Scoblionko Scoblionko  E.D. Pa. Muir Bartholomew & Melman. 5/15/08

4 Baccus v. Crane Co., John Crane Inc. and Yarway Corp. $25.2 million (verdict) Toxic Torts, Benjamin Shein and Bethann Schaffzin of the Products Liability Shein Law Center; Troyce G. Wolf and C.P. Philadelphia Demetrios Zacharopoulos of Waters & Kraus;James E. DelBello of Morgan Lewis & Bockius; Eric Cottle and Terry Budd of K&L Gates; John Thomas Burns of O'Connell Tivin Miller & Burns; William Adams of Dickie McCamey & Chilcote. 3/14/08

5 United National Insurance Co. v. Aon Limited $23.872 million (verdict) Negligence Alan J. Sorkowitz and Susan A. Stone of Sidley U.S. District Court, Austin; William K. Perry and Tamara L. E.D. Pa. Stevenson of Chadbourne & Parke; Jerome C.Katz of Ropes & Gray; Ryan C. Craig of Chadbourne & Park. 12/4/08

6 (tie) White v. Behlke $20.5 million (verdict) Medical Malpractice Michael Perry of O'Malley Harris Durkin & C.P. Lackawanna Perry; Jeffrey M. Kornblau and Lynn Sare  Kornblau of Kornblau & Kornblau. 11/17/08

6 (tie) Fledderman v. Glunk $20.5 million (verdict) Medical Malpractice Slade H. McLaughlin of The Beasley Firm; C.P. Philadelphia Dean F. Murtagh of German Gallagher & Murtagh; I. Steven Levy of White & Williams.5/23/08

8 Footbridge Capital v. 2945 Poplar Development $17.5 million (verdict) Real Estate Anne Marie Aaronson and Edward C. Toole Jr. U.S. District Court, of Pepper Hamilton; Stephen J. Shapiro and E.D. Pa. Wilbur L. Kipnes of Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis. 2/21/08

9 Lauxmont Holdings v. York County $17.250 million (verdict) Eminent Domain William P. Bresnahan of Hollinshead C.P. York Mendelson Bresnahan & Nixon; Herbert BassDavid B. Snyder, Brett A. Berman and Mark Needles of Fox Rothschild. 7/16/08

10 Hernandez v. Cruz $13.5 million (verdict) Motor Vehicle Daniel L. Hessel of Golkow Hessel; Brett A. C.P. Philadelphia Wolfson of Rawle & Henderson; Walter SwayzeIII of Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney. 5/8/08

11 Alves v. Alpine Engineered Products Inc. $13.275 million (settlement) Construction Adam J. Pantano of Deasey Mahoney & Accident Valentini; John M. Dodig and C.P. Philadelphia Jason A. Daria of Feldman Shepherd Wohlgelernter Tanner Weinstock & Dodig; Glenn M. Campbell of Gibley & McWilliams; Gordon Erdenberger of the Law Offices of Gordon Erdenberger; Thomas L. Delevie of Palmer & Barr; Stephen M. McManus andPhilip D. Priore of McCormick & Priore;  Holly L. McReynolds and Joseph F. Van Horn Jr. of Bodell Bove Grace & Van Horn;  Kathleen D. Wilkinson of Elser Moskowitz  Edelman & Dicker. 9/17/08

12 Hickenbottom v. Nassan $12.5 million (settlement) Wrongful Death Jeffrey N. Fieger of Fieger Fieger Kenney U.S. District Court, Johnson & Giroux; Peter Vaira of Vaira &  W.D. Pa. Riley. 10/23/08

13 (tie) Sutherlin v. Magilner $12 million (verdict) Medical Malpractice Donna Lee Jones of Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett C.P. Philadelphia & Bendesky; Chilton G. Goebel III and  Dean F. Murtagh of German Gallagher & Murtagh; Sharon M. Reiss of Post & Schell. 2/27/08

13 (tie) Sheridan v. Clemens Construction Co. $12 million (settlement) Construction Francis J. Deasey of Deasey Mahoney & Accident Bender Ltd.; Larry E. Bendesky, C.P. Philadelphia V. Paul Bucci II and Robert J. Mongeluzzi of Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky;  Daniel A. Schwarz and Stanley M. Schwarz of Schwarz & Schwarz. 11/3/08

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