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Larry Hayes

Q&A Session With Larry Hayes, General Counsel of QVC

The following is a transcript of a radio program hosted jointly by Executive Leaders Radio and The Legal.

What You Need to Know About Corporate Designee Depositions

By Hayes A. Hunt and Joshua N. Ruby |

In a world where the overwhelming majority of cases never make it to trial, depositions take on outsized importance.

When to Conduct an Audit and When to Just Fix the Problem

By Jill Hyman Kaplan and Matthew C. Sullivan |

Environmental or safety compliance audits can be great tools to determine compliance status, assess whether programs or departments are operating as they should, and to educate and train employees. But if there is not management commitment and sufficient resources available to address the audit findings, an audit has the potential to create more harm than good. While certain audits or components of them may be able to be protected by attorney-client privilege, that does not necessarily address the potential liability of knowing there is a problem and not addressing it.


Using Technology for Successful Information Governance

By Tess Blair, Tara Lawler and Laura Kibbe |

Most organizations have exploding volumes of data scattered throughout the company in various data sources: email, hard drives, shared drives, SharePoint, structured databases, wikis and the cloud.

Veta Richardson

Women and Corporate Law Departments

Veta Richardson, president and CEO of the Association of Corporate Counsel, addresses The Legal Intelligencer's Women in the Profession luncheon. In this video, Richardson discusses the growth of women corporate counsel, and the progress that still needs to be made.

Amanda Haverstick

Do Due Diligence Before Deciding What to Tell the Board

By Amanda D. Haverstick |

When providing day-to-day advice to corporate general counsel and other top executives, the question invariably arises: "What do I need to report to the board and when?" On an abstract level, the answer is, of course, "It depends." But the "it depends" almost always involves consideration of the same set of factors--no matter what the particular issue, company, or industry. As a board adviser, you should educate yourself beforehand on the factors that inform the "to tell or not to tell the board" question. Below are three recommended steps toward that end.

Hayes Hunt and Arthur P. Fritzinger

Second Circuit Emphasizes Deference to Regulatory Agencies

By Hayes Hunt and Arthur P. Fritzinger |

On June 4, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issued its ruling in Securities and Exchange Commission v. Citigroup Global Markets, No. 11-5227-CV L (2d Cir. Jun. 4, 2014), reversing a decision rejecting a consent judgment filed by the parties and remanding the case to the district court. In its opinion, the Second Circuit provided significant guidance to federal courts and litigants, and reaffirmed the broad discretion afforded to federal agencies in settling regulatory claims.

Ivo Becica

Making E-Discovery Work for You in Employment Claims

By Ivo Becica |

I know what you're thinking: Not another article about e-discovery requirements. Much ink has been spilled about the potential penalties when organizations and their counsel fail to take affirmative steps to preserve electronic evidence. Indeed, the focus on penalties is justified, since sanctions for spoliation of electronic records can include adverse inference jury instructions; monetary sanctions; suppression of evidence; contempt; and the striking of claims or defenses.

Vincent Cordo

Measuring Firm Quality With Client Value Initiatives

By Vince Cordo |

When it comes to competitive pricing, both clients and law firms are more and more focused on quality. That sounds good, but how can quality best be represented in actual metrics? While quality is a degree of excellence, what makes that degree marketable enough so that customers can swiftly leverage metric "facts" as a guide in the counsel selection process? Furthermore, how can these quality metrics be leveraged to delineate themselves from one another? The goal should be to highlight experience as an actual quality success metric rather than just attractive pricing.

Q&A With Johnson Matthey President and GC Robert Talley

The following is a transcript of a radio program hosted jointly by Executive Leaders Radio and The Legal. GCs took questions from multiple hosts.