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When Is It Appropriate to Prosecute a 'Faceless' Corporation?

By Hayes Hunt and Thomas M. O'Rourke |

On Sept. 9, 2010, a pipeline running through a residential neighborhood in San Bruno, Calif., ruptured, permitting natural gas to escape into the air.

EPA Enforcement: Next-Generation Compliance Program

By Bryan P. Franey and Michael Dillon |

We may be at the dawn of a new age of demonstrating compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's regulations.

General Counsel vs. Chief Compliance Officer: The Great Debate

By Varun Mehta |

With global regulators cooperating like never before and with record fines being levied against companies for noncompliant practices, there has never been a better time to revisit and discuss how companies organize themselves to mitigate risk.

Differences Between Information Governance and Records Management

By Stephanie "Tess" Blair and Tara Lawler |

Given the exploding volume of data that organizations in the United States create and store, and the steady diet of compliance, data security, privacy and discovery obligations they face, information governance is garnering a lot of attention these days.

Practical Tips for Maintaining Privilege With Consultants

By Hayes Hunt and Arthur P. Fritzinger |

Last month we talked about the legal standards applied to claims of attorney-client privilege between a company's general counsel and outside consultants. Now, let's talk about practical tips for maintaining that privilege.

GE Capital Counsel Rejoins Private Practice at Reed Smith

By Gina Passarella |

After nearly 20 years spent in-house at various General Electric Co. subsidiaries, corporate lawyer Joe Lincoln is returning to private practice in Philadelphia at Reed Smith.

Risk Management: Controlling Compliance-Associated Risk

By Christopher M. Brubaker |

Editor's note: This is the final article in a three-part series on risk management. Earlier articles focused on identifying risk and transferring risk through insurance.

Strategies for Protecting Trade Secrets in the Cloud

By Dana J. Finberg |

Recent studies estimate that trade secrets may account for up to two thirds of most companies' information portfolios, and that the annual cost of trade secret misappropriation to U.S. companies ranges between $45 billion and $300 billion.

Privileged Communications With Outside Consultants

By Hayes Hunt and Arthur P. Fritzinger |

Penn State University recently decided to waive attorney-client privilege and cooperate in the criminal prosecutions of certain former employees. Obviously, the former employees have attempted to assert privilege to exclude potentially incriminating statements.