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James Sandman, president of the Legal Services Corporation.

Union, Legal Services Corp. Fight Over Contracts

By Jenna Greene |

There's no dispute among the employees and managers at Legal Services Corp. about the value of their work providing legal aid to millions of low-income Americans. But they don’t see eye to eye on much else.

Study: Law Faculties Short on Republicans, White Christians

By Karen Sloan |

The demographic groups most underrepresented on law faculties include white Christians and Republicans, according to research by Northwestern University School of Law professor James Lindgren.

Carnegie Mellon, Marvell to Face Off in Federal Circuit

On the Friday before Christmas in 2012, jurors deliberating a hard-fought patent case against Marvell Technology Group sent the judge a request: Could they have a calculator?

Virginia Sloan.

Report Confronts Lack of Attorneys at Bail Hearings

By Marcia Coyle |

Jurisdictions throughout the country should appoint lawyers for poor defendants in publicly held, initial bail and release hearings, a bipartisan panel of criminal justice experts recommended March 18.