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Sarah Geraghty

Suit Claims Indigent Defendants Are Illegally Jailed

By R. Robin McDonald |

After Adel Edwards pleaded guilty to burning leaves in his yard without a permit, Pelham, Georgia, police and a private probation firm hired by the city jailed him for several days because he could not afford to make a $250 payment on his fine, according to a complaint filed in federal court in Albany, Georgia.

Podcast Examines Murder Case Explored by 'Serial'

By Karen Sloan |

Millions of listeners couldn’t get enough of "Serial"—the "This American Life" spinoff podcast that for three months chronicled the case against Adnan Syed, convicted in the 1999 murder of his high school girlfriend, Hae Min Lee.

<b>ROLE MODEL:</b> Tricia Dennis tells hard truths about running her personal-injury practice.

Podcast Provides Inside Look at Lawyer Career Paths

By Karen Sloan |

"I'm attorney Tricia Dennis, and I can turn your car crash into lots of cash!" Dennis, a personal injury attorney in Chattanooga, Tennessee, knows that her television ad—complete with a rhyming jingle of her office phone number—is tacky. But she says tacky attracts clients in her competitive plaintiffs market.

'Misconduct' Might Merit Attorney Fees, Federal Circuit Says

By Sheri Qualters |

A federal judge abused her discretion in denying attorney fees to a patent litigant after finding "an egregious pattern of misconduct" by the other side, a federal appeals court has ruled.