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stack of credit cards

Court Says Credit Card Use Was Not 'Identity Theft"

By Brendan Pierson |

Stealing another person's credit card number is not, by itself, identity theft, a unanimous New York state appeals panel has ruled, though the number does count as stolen property.

Denial of Disabled Lawyer's Request for Assistant Not Bias

By Charles Toutant |

A New Jersey government lawyer disabled with cerebral palsy asked for one accommodation too many.

Lead plaintiff Ricky Brown, left, and attorney Scott Fein listen to witness testimony during an October 2005 civil rights trial in Albany.

Film Recalls Humiliation of Oneonta 'Black List'

By John Caher |

It all started with a phone call in 1992, when attorney Scott Fein was contacted by civil rights activists about a peculiar incident up in Oneonta, N.Y.

'Very Modest' Job Growth Seen for Law School Grads

By Karen Sloan |

The law school class of 2013 didn't have much better luck than their predecessors in finding jobs, as entry-level employment data released April 9 by the American Bar Association revealed that very little changed in the hiring market.

Dax E. Lopez

Lawyer Jailed After Protesting Jury Service in Email

By R. Robin McDonald |

An Atlanta in-house lawyer spent a night in jail after she improperly contacted a DeKalb County, Ga., judge by email, saying that she would “blame the plaintiff” in a trial for which she had been selected as a juror because she’d have to work nights and weekends to attend to her own client.