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Yona Weissman

Judge Suppresses Images Found in Cellphone Search

By John Caher |

In an early application of a new U.S. Supreme Court precedent on cellphone records and the Fourth Amendment, a judge in Brooklyn, N.Y., has suppressed evidence that allegedly would have shown that a defendant photographed a child sex-crime victim during a trial.

<b>COUNTRYWIDE:</b> Bank of America's liability stemmed from its acquisition of the lender.

BofA $16.7 Billion Settlement Marks End of an Era

By Julie Triedman and Jenna Greene |

With Bank of America Corp.'s $16.7 billion settlement over the marketing and sale of subprime residential mortgage-backed securities, prosecutors closed out the largest remaining government-enforcement actions stemming from the financial crisis.

King Downing, a New York-based attorney who traveled to Ferguson, Mo., this week, hands out an educational pamphlet outside the St. Louis County Justice Center.

Post-Protests, Attorneys Brace for Ferguson Lawsuits

By Zoe Tillman |

Clashes between protesters and police in Ferguson, Mo., subsided late last week, but the work for lawyers is far from over.

Court: 'Brutal' Cavity Search Violated Arrestee's Rights

By Amanda Bronstad |

The "brutal and physically invasive" removal of a package containing cocaine during a body-cavity search of a suspected drug dealer without a warrant violated his Fourth Amendment rights, a federal appeals court has ruled.