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Jeh Johnson

Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson Returns (Again) to Paul Weiss

After more than three decades shuttling between public service and private practice, Johnson says he plans to stay put this time.

Connecticut Appellate Court Judge Socrates Mihalakos

Appellate Court Rules Man Rightly Fired for Lying About Jury Duty Cancellation

The decision overturns a Connecticut Superior Court order that found the man was entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

Year-End Report Shows LGBT Discrimination Charges On the Rise at EEOC

The number of sex-based discrimination charges from LGBT individuals that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received increased significantly over the last four years, according to data released by the agency Wednesday.

Fired GE Employee Files Age Discrimination Suit

The suit claims a supervisor repeatedly made disparaging remarks about older employees' ages, including call them a "bunch of old men."