Special Reports

Medical Malpractice

In the Legal’s Medical Malpractice supplement, read about how technological discovery is transforming cases and the liability posed in printing 3D medical devices.

Intellectual Property

In the Legal's Intellectual Property supplement, read about patent venues, what makes a valid software patent and whether the 'Cheveron' deference will soon be gone.

The team at McGuireWoods. (Photo by Laura Mares)

Top Laterals/New Partners

Read about legal field growth, a millenial's perspective on lateral moves and who made it on The Legal's top laterals list for 2016.

Corporate Governance

In the Legal's Corporate Governance supplement, read about change in control of transactions, board composition and compensation and proposals to change how directors are nominated.

Wealth Management/Trusts & Estates

In the Legal's Wealth Management/Trusts & Estates supplement find out more about protecting your digital property, using bloodline multi-generational trusts and estate planning in today's environment.


In The Legal's E-Discovery supplement, learn about discovery in a mobile-first world, get more comfortable with TAR and get some insights on pretrial management.

Products Liability, Mass Torts & Class Action

In The Legal's Products Liability supplement, read about "common experience" limitation under "Tincher," the gist of the action doctrine and arbitration agreements in consumer contracts.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In The Legal's Alternative Dispute Resolution supplement, read about arbitration limitations and the FAA, early intervention, mediation of liability and coverage and private mediation for LEP persons.

PaLaw 2016: Annual Report on the Legal Profession

By Zack Needles, Managing Editor |

Welcome to the 23rd edition of PaLaw: Annual Report on the Legal Profession. As is the case every year, our aim with this magazine is to thoroughly encapsulate the past year in the Pennsylvania legal community.

Personal Injury

Read about surveillance evidence, manufacturer responsibility in autonomous vehicle cases and piercing limited tort with a 'soft tissue' injury in The Legal's Personal Injury supplement.

Top Women in Law

In the Legal’s Top Women in Law supplement learn more about our 2016 honorees and read articles about new generations of female attorneys, mentoring and career advancement.

Labor & Employment

The Legal's Labor & Employment supplement includes articles on workers' compensation, employee arbitration agreements and predictive scheduling.

Legal & Litigation Departments of the Year

Learn what makes these firms and legal teams stand out in the 2016 Legal and Litigation Departments of the Year magazine.

Best Of 2016

Welcome to the results of The Legal Intelligencer's seventh annual "Best Of" poll, where our readers have cast their votes for the best providers of products and services to the legal community.

Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals & Health Care

In the Legal's Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals & Health Care supplement, articles focus on the future of 3D printing in the industry, personal health technology and medical marijuana.

GC Compensation

In The Legal’s GC Compensation supplement find out how general counsel ranked in the state, read about salaries in Pennsylvania and the state of regulation.

Filling Form

Insurance Law

The Legal's Insurance Law supplement includes articles on liability issues involving drones, IP claims under "advertising injury" and navigating through the "additional insured" endorsement.

2016 Boutique Law Firm Guide

Looking for a Pennsylvania law firm that specializes in a niche practice area? Then consult The Legal Intelligencer's newly published Boutique Law Firm Guide for 2016.

Construction Law

The Legal's Construction Law supplement includes articles on jury selection and technology, amendments to the state's Mechanics' Lien Law, the use of mediation in construction accidents and tips to avoid delays.

Energy and Environmental Law

By The Legal Intelligencer |

The Legal's Energy and Environmental Law supplement puts genomics, environmental crisis management and the Zika Virus in focus.

Family Law

The Legal's family law supplement covers paternity law, a new trend in international adoptions and child custody relocation in the digital age.

The Duhig Rule—Interpretation of Mineral Interest Reservations

By Brian A. Lawton |

What happens when a deed is unclear and the parties to a transaction involving oil and gas interests are long deceased? How do the heirs to the parties involved resolve their disputes? This is a relevant issue courts and practitioners in Pennsylvania have faced for a long time. A recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision, Shedden v. Anadarko E&P, No. 103 MAP 2014, A.3d (Pa. 2016), applied the doctrine of estoppel by deed to an oil and gas lease, precluding the lessors from denying that the lease at issue covered the lessors' after-acquired interest in the oil and gas rights. Estoppel by deed may be further extended to resolve these thorny disputes.

Zika Virus: Challenges of Fighting a Recognized Hazard

By T.H. Lyda 
and Daivy P. Dambreville |

In recent months, news outlets from around the country have reported on the impending Zika virus outbreak expected to impact the United States this summer. The threat of a global Zika epidemic has even caused some to call for the cancelling of this year's Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The specter of plague has led to highly publicized debates within the federal government, while the legislature attempts to determine how much emergency funding will be required to quell a potential outbreak on a larger scale. With no vaccine to prevent a Zika infection, companies that make bug repellent are running factories near capacity as they anticipate surging demand. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is also expediting the approval process for alternate pesticides. In light of the significant trepidation caused by the potential Zika outbreak, many employers may be faced with situations where employees refuse to work (or travel for work) in areas affected by Zika out of fear of contracting the virus.

Navigating the Presumption of Liability for Oil and Gas Operators

By Todd L. Normane 
and Christopher Salera |

For operators of conventional and unconventional oil and gas wells, the evolving framework of Pennsylvania's oil and gas law is set to turn "you break it, you bought it" into "it's broken and you were nearby, so you bought it."

EPA, Pa. DEP Take Aim at Oil and Gas Industry Methane Emissions

By Mark A. Lazaroff 
and George A. Bibikos |

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) have introduced new programs and regulations intended to reduce methane emissions from operations within the oil and gas industry. This article outlines those initiatives and provides some brief perspective and a note about what to expect in the future.

Will Genomics Become Routine in Toxic Torts Causation Evaluation?

By Dean C. Seman |

The current state of causation evidence in toxic tort litigation has generated grumbles of unreliability, understandable controversy and the feeling of a jury crap shoot. Jurors are often left weighing statistical evidence containing large data gaps and speculative extrapolations versus sympathetic claims often involving debilitating or fatal diseases. However, the emerging advances in genomics, the ever-increasing compilation of genetic data and the lower costs of individualized testing has opened the door for the use of individualized genetic evidence to support and defend toxic torts with a level of unprecedented reliability.

Core Principles of Environmental Crisis Management

By Jim Dragna 
and Randall Levine |

Despite best efforts, environmental accidents happen to good companies. When they do, the results can be catastrophic to public health and the environment, to a company's reputation, and to its ability to survive and prosper.

Settlement Negotiations and Public Disclosure Laws

By Diana A. Silva |

When negotiating a private settlement agreement, practitioners typically consider such negotiations to be confidential and privileged, not to be disclosed by the parties outside of the confines of the settlement discussions. In fact, most private mediation and settlement agreements contain specific confidentiality provisions, with each party expressly agreeing that the terms of the settlement are to be kept strictly confidential and not disclosed to any third party unless required by law. But, when settlement negotiations take place with a governmental agency, maintaining confidentiality both during and after settlement can be more problematic, as the content of the negotiations and documents exchanged may be subject to disclosure under the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and state "sunshine" laws, including Pennsylvania's Right-to-Know Law and New Jersey's Open Public Records Act (OPRA).

Legionella Risks in Building Water Systems

By Paul R. McIntyre 
and Stephen E. Luttrell |

Well-publicized outbreaks of Legionnaires' disease over the last year have grabbed headlines and spurred regulatory action, highlighting potentially significant liability risks related to water quality in the hospitality, health care, senior housing, and commercial real estate sectors. To properly identify, evaluate, and mitigate such risks, the assessment and diligent maintenance of water quality in buildings is essential.

Professional Excellence Awards 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Professional Excellence supplement. This year we honored three notable attorneys and 25 were honored with Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Unclaimed Property in Philadelphia

View the Pennsylvania Treasury Department's list of unclaimed property in Philadelphia.

VerdictSearch Top Pennsylvania Verdicts of 2015

View the top verdicts and settlements as reported by VerdictSearch for 2015, including charts, case summaries, settlements, as well as break-out charts for specific categories.

Lawyers on the Fast Track

Welcome to the 15th annual Lawyers on the Fast track supplement. Each year, we honor outstanding young attorneys in Pennsylvania and the work they are doing to help shape the legal profession.

Cybersecurity Special Report

In this Special Report, "Making Informed Choices About the Deep, Dark Web," "Health Care Under (Cyber)attack," "Online Discount Pricing Policies Face Increasing Scrutiny," "Defending a Data Breach Class Action" and "Keep Up With Evolving Regulations."

Medical Malpractice

In The Legal’s medical malpractice supplement, articles focus on EMTALA, social media and the recovery of medical expenses.

Top Laterals/New Partners

The Top Laterals/New Partners supplement features articles on boutique law firms and lateral moves, the top lateral hires of 2015, and new partners.

Corporate Governance

In the Legal’s corporate governance supplement, articles focus on forecasting risk, joining a public company’s board and other topics.

Wealth Management/Trusts & Estates

In the Legal’s Wealth Management/Trusts & Estates supplement, articles focus on the timing of preserving assets, avoiding unwanted guardians and other topics.

Product Liability

In the Legal’s product liability supplement, articles focus on medical apps, the post-“Tincher” world, discovery and other topics.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In the Legal’s alternative dispute resolution special supplement, articles focus on the successes and failures, family, premediation discussions and other topics.

Crowd Funding

In the Legal’s crowd-funding supplement, articles focus on the available options, real estate, regulation and history.

2015 Labor and Employment Directory

A comprehensive list of attorneys practicing in the labor and employment fields in Pennsylvania.

PaLaw 2015: Annual Report on the Legal Profession

By Ben Seal, Magazines and Supplements Editor |

Welcome to the 22nd edition of PaLaw: Annual Report on the Legal Profession. Each year we use this magazine to provide a detailed view of the state of the law in Pennsylvania, from one corner of the state (and the profession) to the other. Our aim is to cover all aspects of the law in Pennsylvania, including both the public and private sectors.

Personal Injury

Articles on Federal Pre-emption of State Products Liability Law, When Will a Liability Waiver Prevent Recovery?, Corporate Settlement Mills and Victim Compensation, and Products Liability Cases Arising From Holiday Fires.

Best Of 2015

Welcome to the results of The Legal Intelligencer's sixth annual "Best Of" poll, where our readers have cast their votes for the best providers of products and services to the legal community.

Lawyers on the Fast Track

Welcome to the 14th annual Lawyers on the Fast Track supplement. Each year we shine a light on the outstanding young attorneys in Pennsylvania and the work they are doing to help shape the present and future of the legal profession in the state.

GC Compensation

Articles on General Counsel across the board, from the rise of compensation to the SEC's rulemaking mandates on compensation.


New Trends in Trial Technology and Court Reporting

The latest trends in court reporting, including developments for trial presentations, advances in video conferencing, progress in multimedia video deposition and innovative expansion of trial technologies, are presented in this special advertising section.