Young Lawyers

How Personality Assessments Can Help Your Career

By Dena Lefkowitz |

I have often said that I didn't begin to know myself until I was in my 30s and by then was already a litigator. An unhappy one. I chose to hang on and gut it out, confident that I could overcome my ­distaste for battle and learn to love litigation.

New Year Resolution: Be Proactive in Your Choices

By Dena Lefkowitz |

I am not a big fan of New Year ­resolutions. Turning the calendar page from December to January does not make one eager or ready to change long-standing habits and disillusionment often follows. But there is a year-end tradition that is both reflective and proactive—taking inventory of your world with an eye toward what is working, what you want more of and less of in your life and letting go of any perceived or real failures once you have gathered whatever gems they have to offer in the way of opportunity and awareness.