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Finding Opportunities to Do Some Good and Volunteer This April

By YL Editorial Board |

While April is known for the start of baseball season, the return of open-toed shoes and the chance to finally get outdoors, many people may not know that it is also National Volunteer Month.

Projecting Confidence Is Fundamental to Career Success

By Christopher M. Varano |

At long last, spring has arrived. With Philadelphia's second-snowiest winter finally behind us, it is time to set our warm weather routines in motion. For those into golf, that means dusting off the spikes and hitting the links; others who are into gardening may be laying down mulch; and still others who are already looking ahead to summer may be prepping their shore houses and working on their beach figures.

Advice for Attorneys Starting Their First Real Law Firm Job

By Daniel E. Dolente |

The February bar exam has recently concluded, and exam takers will soon find out their results. Those fortunate to have passed the exam will likely be pounding the pavement in search of employment.

Lessons to Ease Lateral Movement for Young Lawyers

By Michael J. Joyce |

The legal world is in a constant state of global flux: new statutes, varying interpretations of existing law and new law firms sprouting up throughout the country.

Diversity and Inclusivity Don't Happen on Their Own

By The YL Editorial Board |

Arabella Mansfield became the first woman to practice law in the United States after passing the Iowa bar in 1869. Here in Pennsylvania, Carrie Burnham Kilgore became the first woman admitted to practice in the state in 1886 (after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1883 and fighting for her admittance for the next three years).

Business Development Alternatives to the Golf Course

By Elizabeth F. Collura |

My first year out of law school, I resigned myself to the inevitability of taking golf lessons. There were few things that interested me less than golf—a trip to the dentist, perhaps—but I considered golf a necessity of the profession.

A Professional Resume Is the Key to a Successful Job Search

By Hadley Perkins |

Rewriting your resume is a great opportunity to reflect on what you've accomplished so far in your career and what you want to accomplish in the future.

Attorney General Kane, DOMA and the Duty to Defend

By The YL Editorial Board |

In July 2013, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane drew national media attention when she announced that she would not defend Pennsylvania's version of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in a lawsuit filed against the state challenging the act's constitutionality.

Client-Related Skills for Young Attorneys to Master

By Ivo Becica |

As a young attorney, you've probably received advice to develop your legal skills, establish a reputation for professionalism and submit quality written work product. These are the building blocks of any successful law practice.

Michele Corvi

Ten Golf Tips That Can Help Boost Your Legal Game

By Michele Corvi |

Before the war in the late 1930s, my grandfather was an amateur-turned-professional golfer in San Francisco. It seemed only natural when my father started me swinging a golf club around the age of 10.

The Importance of Internal Marketing for Young Attorneys

By Kelly G. O'Malley |

Regardless of your area of practice, one commonality all young lawyers need to remember is the importance of internal marketing. Marketing yourself and your unique skill set to those within your organization is imperative in order to establish and maintain a successful career.

Tips for Finding a Niche and Making a Name in Your Firm

By Katherine Missimer |

Every young associate is eager to hit the ground running and become a valuable contributor to his or her firm. Attorneys in the early stages of their careers hope to be included in new cases, projects or meetings with prospective clients.