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Maximizing the Summer Associate Experience for Both Sides

By Patrice M. Turenne |

The summer before the last year of law school can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking time for any law student. If you have managed to land a coveted summer associate position, you should feel fortunate. Not only will you gain invaluable professional experience, but you may also secure your future employment, as many law firms hire directly from their summer associate classes. This article is designed to provide guidance to future (and current) summer associates, as well as to the law firms that hire them. To make the most of the experience for both parties, it is vital that the program be designed in a way that benefits both the summer associates and the firm.

Why U.S. Companies Are Increasingly Fleeing the Tax Man

By The YL Editorial Board |

U.S. companies are increasingly utilizing a procedure referred to as a tax-inversion merger to "relocate" abroad—a practice that enables them to change their legal domicile and lower their tax bill, often without changing very much in practice.

Vik Jaitly

How to Succeed in Your First Year of Practicing Law

By Vik Jaitly |

Did you just take the bar exam? If so, you may be only a few weeks away from starting your first job as an attorney. For many recent graduates, the anticipation of starting your career can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Although it might be difficult to predict your professional future, here are a few tips that will help you succeed in your first year.

Katherine Missimer

Take Advantage of Technology to Connect With Clients

By Katherine Missimer |

In "Information Technology and Lawyers," Anja Oskamp and Arno Lodder wrote that "information technology is fast, schematic, and futuristic; lawyers are cautious, verbose, and old-fashioned." In what often seems an overcrowded legal marketplace, young lawyers, however, have learned to embrace technology and have a finite advantage over their elder peers in a virtually untapped marketplace: social networking.


Fourth-Year Takes on HP Argument, Pro Bono Case and Motherhood

By Gina Passarella |

In the midst of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius' representation of longtime client Hewlett-Packard in a securities fraud suit against the company and its former chairman, Mark Hurd, the federal judge in California overseeing the case issued what can only be described as a very unusual order.


Referral Fees: Managing the Risks of 'Easy Money'

By The YL Editorial Board |

"Hey, you're a lawyer. May I ask you a question?"

Image of businesspeople working at meeting

Take Ownership of Assignments to Have Independent Value

By Christopher M. Varano |

By now the fireworks have fallen after what was hopefully a very fun and relaxing July 4 celebration. As you look back on the long weekend, reflect on how much time you actually spent considering the significance of the holiday. As someone who lives and works in America's birthplace, it is practically unavoidable for me to contemplate the importance of America's birthday each year. However, this year I wanted to actually apply the lessons from Independence Day to my career.

multi-ethnic team

Diversity: When to Keep It Real and When to Keep Your Job

By The YL Editorial Board |

Recent tectonic shifts in law and culture have suddenly created new social ground for same-sex couples, yet as the aftershocks dwindle on the new landscape, diverse professionals continue to face an old question: Where does diversity fit in the workplace?

Michael J. Joyce

Young Associates Should Strive to Be Part of the Team

By Michael J. Joyce |

Many law firms survive and, in fact, succeed with an ever-changing and constantly in motion set of component parts. Clients switch firms in a quick breath, attorneys and staff find new law firm homes without a second thought, and the legal world in general remains in a constant state of unpredictable flux. With such expected and unavoidable change and momentum, it can be extremely difficult for younger attorneys to become an integral part of the law firm team.

Business handshake and business people

The Trend of Solo Practitioners Joining Larger Firms

By Howard K. Kurman |

As an attorney for more than 35 years, I have seen many solo practices come and go. Many young attorneys believe that the easiest way to begin a practice is to start their own. However, after several years, they often experience a series of headaches regarding billing, marketing, soliciting new business, dealing with IT problems, going to court, hiring support staff and more. There is less and less time to be a lawyer, and certainly an inadequate amount of time to solicit new business and grow one's practice.

Group of happy business people in a meeting at office

Finding Your Career Path With Effective Networking

By Hadley Perkins |

Network, network, network. Everybody tells associates to get out there and network. So associates dutifully set up their LinkedIn account, occasionally attend bar events, and show up for firm happy hours. At the same time, associates are told to work, work, work. So associates dutifully eat lunch at their desks, put in face time at the office, and bill their hours. That's the path to career success, right? Not really.