Young Lawyers

Malcolm J. Ingram.

Turning Common Career Mistakes and Setbacks Into Opportunities

By Malcolm J. Ingram |

No matter how much success you ­experience in your legal career, inevitably at some point you will encounter a setback and make mistakes. Whether the setback is not passing the bar exam in your law firm's jurisdiction, missing a key argument in a brief, or blowing a litigation deadline, these mistakes don't have to define your legal career. A setback is the perfect opportunity to take a moment and reflect on how the setback occurred and what you can do to catapult your career forward. As I said in my previous article "Taking Control of Your Legal Career as a First-Year Associate," published April 5 in The Legal, failure precedes success and becoming a great lawyer is a marathon, not a sprint. By using the four steps listed below, young attorneys can turn common mistakes and setbacks into opportunities for growth and branding.

Visualize a Path to Action to Achieve Your Goals

By Dena Lefkowitz |

How do you decide what to pay attention to in a world where an onslaught of images and messages is constantly delivered by way of a myriad of devices along with an ongoing scan of ­in-person threats, opportunities and attractions our brains must prioritize every ­second? How do you maneuver around the minutiae of everyday life and keep your focus trained on aspirations and ­achievement? One answer is to train your brain to navigate past the noise and focus on what is important.