Trial Lawyer's Fraud Scheme, Suicide Shock Plaintiffs Bar

Word of accident attorney Andrew H. Gaber's alleged insurance fraud scheme, pending arrest and eventual suicide last week sent shock waves through the personal injury bar, which was surprised to hear of the extent of the scheme and concerned about the stereotype it perpetuated.

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  • Public Scrutiny Leads to Questions About Informant Usage

    By Max Mitchell

    Determining when a case is strong enough to prosecute and when a confidential informant might be too compromised to take the witness stand are decisions typically made behind closed doors.

  • Federal Judge OKs 'Failure to Screen' Claim

    By Zack Needles

    A federal judge has allowed the estate of a woman who died of hemopericardium in Lankenau Medical Center's emergency room to proceed with a claim against the hospital for failure to screen under the federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, finding that the hospital could not adequately articulate its own screening procedure as a defense.

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