Cosby Seeks Seat at Accuser's Deposition in Castor Case

In litigation he is not a part of, Bill Cosby wants his lawyers to sit in on the deposition of the woman who has accused him of sexually assaulting her in 2004, Andrea Constand, in her defamation case against the former district attorney who chose not to prosecute Cosby in 2005.

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  • Pa. Courts Disagree on Admissibility of UIM Policy Details

    By Zack Needles

    In a ruling indicative of what attorneys said is a lack of uniformity across the state regarding UM and UIM evidence, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has broken with the Middle District over the admissibility of a plaintiff's underinsured motorist policy limits and premium amounts in a jury trial on damages.

  • 'Distinct Harm' Needed for Retaliation Against Prosecutor

    By Ben Seal

    The Pennsylvania Superior Court has addressed multiple issues of first impression regarding criminal convictions for retaliating against a prosecutor or judicial officer. Any action taken against any individual in retaliation for the action of a prosecutor or judge is sufficient to sustain a retaliation conviction, the court held, but the infliction of "distinct harm" is a required element of the crime.

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  • Energy and Environmental Law

    By The Legal Intelligencer

    The Legal's Energy and Environmental Law supplement puts genomics, environmental crisis management and the Zika Virus in focus.

  • The Duhig Rule—Interpretation of Mineral Interest Reservations

    By Brian A. Lawton

    What happens when a deed is unclear and the parties to a transaction involving oil and gas interests are long deceased? How do the heirs to the parties involved resolve their disputes? This is a relevant issue courts and practitioners in Pennsylvania have faced for a long time. A recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision, Shedden v. Anadarko E&P, No. 103 MAP 2014, A.3d (Pa. 2016), applied the doctrine of estoppel by deed to an oil and gas lease, precluding the lessors from denying that the lease at issue covered the lessors' after-acquired interest in the oil and gas rights. Estoppel by deed may be further extended to resolve these thorny disputes.

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Video: Law Firm Forecast Presentation

The Legal Intelligencer
Hank Grezlak, editor-in-chief of The Legal Intelligencer, discusses the economic outlook for 2016 before the Legal Marketing Association, Metropolitan Philadelphia Chapter.
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