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America's oldest daily law journal is the most trusted source of Pennsylvania legal news, information and analysis. The Legal Intelligencer will help keep you up to date on the latest legal industry trends and developments with our award-winning, in-depth editorial coverage as well as news on court decisions, verdicts and practice issues.

The Legal Intelligencer now includes a weekly Pennsylvania Law Weekly section, with statewide legal news and analysis covering the courts, the legislature and case digests of every state appellate decision and key trial and federal court decisions. That's all the current quality of legal reporting you always enjoyed from The Legal Intelligencer plus additional statewide news and analysis at no additional cost -- both print and online.

ALM's Pennsylvania Newspaper Group's award-winning legal publications, related Web sites, reference texts and directories, including the Pennsylvania District & County Reports, serve the Pennsylvania, Delaware and Southern New Jersey region. The group includes The Legal Intelligencer, the oldest daily legal newspaper in the U.S. and official publication for all Philadelphia County legal notices, and the Delaware Law Weekly.

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