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New U.S. Overtime Standards Expected to Spark Litigation

By Ben Seal |

The U.S. Department of Labor last week announced its final rule updating overtime regulations, expanding pay protection to 185,000 new Pennsylvanians and giving employers six months to ensure compliance.

Pa. Justices Review Victim Status in Argument Over Testimony

By Ben Seal |

In a drug case tied to a fatal accident, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court heard argument earlier this month over the designation of victim status on individuals affected by a crime.

Sam Stretton

Threats of Criminal Charges Can Be Made in a Civil Case

By Samuel C. Streeton |

I am involved in a civil case with opposing counsel. I received a letter from opposing counsel threatening my client with criminal charges. I thought that was a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct?

Facebook Threat Ruling Offers Little Guidance, Lawyers Say

By Max Mitchell |

The emerging issue of what ­constitutes a material threat when posted on social media platforms will likely remain unsettled for a long time, according to Pennsylvania criminal law practitioners.

Jay Evans

A View From the Sidelines 2: Oral Arguments and the New Supreme Court

By Jay Evans |

In late 2013, I authored a piece regarding where the Pennsylvania Supreme Court (as constituted at that time) might be leaning regarding a contested products liability matter, Tincher v. Omega Flex, 104 A.3d 328 (Pa. 2014). At the time, I predicted where the justices might be leaning based on the questions they posed at oral argument. I made the "bold" (quotes intentional, as the prediction was anything but) prediction that the Supreme Court would change the landscape of products liability matters, but not adopt the Restatement (Third) of Torts.

Superior Court Gives Accident Victim New Trial on Damages

By Ben Seal |

A woman who was awarded medical expenses and lost wages following a motor vehicle accident has been granted a new trial by the Superior Court to address the trial court's failure to award her damages for pain and suffering.

Justices Set to Eye Good Faith in Limited Partnerships

By Ben Seal |

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has agreed to review whether the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing applies to all limited partnership agreements under state law.

medical malpractice

Death Caused by Misplaced Feeding Tube Leads to Verdict

A Montgomery County jury handed up a verdict awarding $5 million to the family of an 88-year-old man who died after a feeding tube was improperly inserted into his lung, filling it with feeding solution.


Parties Settle For $142,500 After Dog Attack

On June 16, 2014, plaintiff John Gergle, 81, was attacked by a Rottweiler in Cornwall, Pennsylvania, in Lebanon County.

Edward T. Kang

Practical Guide to Restrictive Covenants in Pa. and NJ

By Edward T. Kang |

Businesses invest time and money to develop their business procedures, relationships and information, such as marketing strategies, customer information, pricing strategies, and future business development initiatives. These models and information provide businesses a competitive edge, and employers have a strong incentive to guard such assets and protect their businesses by all means reasonably necessary. Employers can typically accomplish this through using a combination of nondisclosure agreements, nonsolicitation agreements, and other restrictive covenants.

Budget Process and Outcome May Be Different This Year

Following is a listing of executive and legislative activity for the week of May 16. Members of the General Assembly were scheduled to return to session May 23 and members of the Senate on June 6.

The Value of Executive Personnel Involvement in Professional Associations

By Jessica L. Mazzeo |

For attorneys, being involved in professional associations is a given. Not only do those associations offer the required continuing legal education, but they also provide opportunities to network and ideally develop business. Encouraging and supporting firm lawyers to join professional associations is a critical tool for building their professional success and development.

People in the News

Robert A. Korn of Kaplin Stewart Meloff Reiter & Stein was appointed to the American Arbitration Association's newly formed master mediator panel for construction cases.