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Defense Bar Sees Jury Instructions Win in Latest Post-'Tincher' Ruling

By Max Mitchell |

The Pennsylvania Superior Court's recent decision in High v. Pennsy Supply was a victory for plaintiffs in a products liability case, but the defense bar is chalking up the opinion as a win in a legal landscape still unsettled in the wake of the game-changing products liability case Tincher v. Omega Flex.

Common-Law Forfeiture Doesn't Exist in Pa., Court Says

By Zack Needles |

The concept of common-law forfeiture does not exist in Pennsylvania and the state government has no legal basis, absent statutory authority, for seizing so-called derivative contraband, the Commonwealth Court en banc has ruled.

Court Refuses to Revise Meaning of 'Fault' in Benefits Case

By Zack Needles |

Liability for a "fault" overpayment of unemployment benefits requires a showing of mens rea and cannot be based on a mere mistake by the claimant in filling out the benefits application, the Commonwealth Court en banc has ruled, rejecting the state Unemployment Compensation Board of Review's invitation to overturn decades of prior rulings.

Samuel Stretton

It's Important to Carefully Read MDJ rule changes

By Samuel C. Stretton |

I am a lawyer and also a district justice. Also, as a lawyer, I have a small law firm in the county where I am a district justice. What can I do in my firm as an attorney?

Reliance on Force Majeure Clause to Extend Term of Oil and Gas Leases

By Justin H. Werner |

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court previously rejected a broad equitable tolling doctrine under oil and gas leases where a lessor only has filed a declaratory judgment action seeking to invalidate the oil and gas lease.

Admissibility of Industry Standards After 'Tincher'

By David R. Kott and Christopher A. Rojao |

This is the second part of a two-part article analyzing the admissibility of a product's compliance with industry standards at trial in strict products liability actions.

Wage History May Soon Be History for Phila. Employers

By Ronda K. O'Donnell |

Employers throughout Pennsylvania and throughout the country routinely ask job applicants how much they are making, how much they made in their last jobs or request wage and salary information as part of job history inquiries on written and online job applications for available job positions.

A diverse business group closing a deal in the office

PLW People in the News—Jan. 24, 2017—Thomas, Thomas & Hafer

Thomas, Thomas & Hafer added John A. Lucy to its firm.

verdicts and settlements

IKEA Agrees to Pay $50M in Dresser Tip-Over Litigation

By P.J. D'Annunzio |

Swedish furniture company IKEA has agreed to pay $50 million to three families whose children were killed when the company's dressers fell onto them.

verdicts and settlements

Driver Blames Car Accident for Harm To Neck and Back

On Feb. 26, 2015, Tiffany Frazier, 30, was broadsided while driving on Franklin Mills Circle road, in Philadelphia.

Capitol Report

By Michael Riccardi |

Following is a listing of executive and legislative action for the week of Jan. 16. Members of the General Assembly are scheduled to return to session on Monday.

House Set to Reintroduce Statewide Commerce Court Bill

By Victoria Hudgins |

State Reps. Seth M. Grove, R-York, and Ron Marsico, R-Dauphin, recently issued a memo announcing their plans to reintroduce HB 323, which would allow the Pennsylvania Superior Court to create a statewide Commerce Court program.